Advantages of Professional Property Mapping

At Douglas Consulting LLC we know how important professional property mapping is for homeowners and investors. Whether you’re investing in a home or are about to sell, then we’d like to tell you the advantages of having this service done. You might be surprised to learn why it’s so beneficial!

– Exact Property Size

Do you know the exact property size that you’re buying or selling? Most people do not, and this ends up with them losing a lot of money by either paying too much or selling for too low. When professionals do property mapping, they use the best tools to give you accurate information about the exact size of your property.

– Boundaries

Are you thinking about building a fence around your home for more privacy and security? In order to do so, it’s crucial to understand exactly how much space you have available and where the fence can be built. With the technology that a mapping professional uses, you’ll have specific coordinates that take the mystery out of this project.

– Knowledge and Tools

Professional property mappers have the tools, knowledge, and experience that are crucial to providing you with accurate information about the boundaries on your land. If you were to try and do this on your own, it would take much longer and you’d have to invest in some expensive tools. Ultimately working with someone who has done this job before will provide you with the peace of mind and information that you desire.

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